G E N E R A L    S P E C I F I C A T I O N


The challenging conditions of fishing the desolate foam streaked waters of the Grand Banks under sail in the 19th Century led to the development of the magnificent Gloucester schooners – vessels that could work under the most demanding sea conditions yet still race home at speed to achieve the highest price for their catch. In creating Meteor, naval architects Gerard Dijkstra in collaboration with John G. Alden, have drawn on this remarkable heritage and applied advanced technologies to optimise performance and sea-keeping. Meteor’s owners are dedicated racing sailors so she has been commissioned with dual purpose: as a mothership for supporting their grand prix race yacht interests and as a powerful, deep water cruising yacht that can take endless nautical miles in her easy stride on long ocean passages - yet still challenge for racing honours at international superyachting events. Winner's podium or not, she will always have her place on the Concours d'Elegance.


Yard No.


Naval Architects

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Schooner Rigged Sailing Yacht
Gerard Dijkstra & Partners & John G. Alden Design
Gerard Dijkstra & Partners
John Munford Design
Capt. Dean Maggio
Royal Huisman Shipyard
May 2007






Max Beam





51.59 m  169.26 ft

45.67 m  149.84 ft

35.81 m  117.49 ft

9.24 m  30.31 ft

4.45 m  14.60 ft

298.3 tons